We are the exclusive global licensee to sell these Micro-LAT water treatment systems, so get in touch if you are interested in purchasing one. For customers who want to see the results of treatment on their own wastewater before committing to a purchase, we can test and analyse samples through the machines in our laboratory.

Clean, safe drinking water

Micro-LATs are small scale wastewater treatment systems that can treat up to 1m3 of water per day. These machines have a large tolerance to contaminants and produce safe drinking water at a lower cost than any existing technologies, in a sustainable manner with a low carbon footprint. On top of this, the Micro-LATs:

  • Have low energy use
  • Are mobile and easily-moveable
  • Use proven technology
  • Can be supplied both with and without a maintenance contract
  • Reduce leachate disposal costs
  • Have a long plant life with minimal operating cost.

The low energy consumption of the system means these units can be supplied to work completely off gird. This opens up a world of opportunity in areas where clean water is scarce.

The Micro-LAT systems are built using LAT Water’s technology that is powered by renewable energy or low-grade waste heat. LAT Water is a company partner that specialises in new approaches to renewable energy powered desalination and wastewater treatment. We are working with them to expand the potential and reach of their technology through the Micro-LATs.

 Learn more about LAT Water’s technology on their website.